Choosing Higher Ground: Working and Living in the Values Economy
By Michael Weisman (with Beth Jusino)

$19.99 | Hardcover | 192 pages
ISBN: 978-1-940503-15-8 | October 2016

Too many businesses today are wrapped up in the transactional economy–the place where standards are flexible and relationships last only as long as it takes to make the sale. But there is a better way. Corporate cultures are changing, embracing a new values-driven approach to business we call the Values Economy. Choosing Higher Ground is a handbook for those who want to incorporate values into their organization’s daily practices, and are finally ready to embark on the path to a greater calling.

Michael Weisman is a 42-year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry, where he guided strategic brand campaign development for some of the most iconic brands in the country. He is co-founder of The Values Institute, a strategic think tank whose mission is to inspire values-driven corporate culture.

Beth Jusino is an award-winning independent writer and editor.

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