Morality and Terrorism
An Interfaith Perspective

Edited by Mahmoud Masaeli


Global, interfaith perspectives on the root causes and ways to combat religious terrorism.

Is there a relationship between religious convictions and terrorist actions? Is there a role, negative or positive, that religious leaders can play with respect to terrorism? Morality and Terrorism: An Interfaith Perspective gathers views from across the analytical and religious landscape to tackle profound questions about the origin, and potential solutions for terrorism.

ISBN: 978-0-9842252-3-1
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Praise for Morality and Terrorism

“Religiously motivated terrorism and its Janus face the ‘war against terrorism’ threaten modern civilization. In Morality and Terrorism scholars from different disciplines analyze the religious, social and political backgrounds of terrorism.This kind of study is needed to give us a better understanding of modern global politics and find constructive and peace-building ways forward.” —Göran Collste, Professor of Applied Ethics, Linköping University, Sweden, and President of Societas Ethica

“We live in an age where terrorism has become a universal challenge. One could argue that an even greater challenge is to think about terrorism and more specifically to examine the links between terrorism and religion. This book tackles this crucial issue in a timely and superb manner.” —Dr. Jean-François Méthot, Dominican University College of Philosophy and Theology and President of the Association of Philosophy, Ottawa

“The topic of religion and terrorism has been hotly debated, with some observers making it central to their analyses and others dismissing the role of religion altogether. Morality and Terrorism: A Interfaith Perspective is an intelligent collection that will both contribute to and deepen this debate in significant ways.” —James Lewis, University of Tromsø, Norway

About the editor

Mahmoud Masaeli

Mahmoud Masaeli

Mahmoud Masaeli completed undergraduate and graduate studies in Tehran, Iran, holds a doctorate in International Relations from Carleton University, and is currently completing a doctorate from the Dominican University College of Philosophy and Theology in Ottawa, Canada. He serves as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Ethics and International Relations at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, and has been active in several international conferences focusing on cultural and interfaith dialogue. Dr. Masaeli is author of dozens of books and articles in Farsi and English