The Incredible Story of Henry N. Brown

Anne Helene Bubenzer

(Translated from the German by Bryanna Klarr Weiche)

A story of love and friendship, one century in the making

“… a straightforward compassion, gentleness, and humor, thanks to Bubenzer’s graceful writing.” —Publishers Weekly

Henry N. Brown came into this world on July 16, 1921. He had to wait until his second eye was sewn on before he could see, but from that moment his life was never dull. Henry N. Brown is the story of the twentieth century, as witnessed by a little bear.

This epic story (recommended for anyone over 14) is narrated by a teddy bear that holds a powerful secret inside him. This little bear, Henry N. Brown, goes through many owners—and many names—over the course of the century, but he never loses sight of his true purpose: to listen, and to comfort. Henry can at times be grumpy and self-important, but he tries his best to understand humans, their faults, their greatness, and the struggles they all go through. As our friend travels from early twentieth-century England, through occupied France and postwar Germany; from the West and into the Iron Curtain of communism, he tries to make sense of it all and in doing so holds up a mirror to humanity, forcing us to confront all those things we do to hurt each other—from waging war, to not hugging the ones we love.

This first English-language edition of the book that took Germany by storm will be available in time for Christmas 2014.

ISBN: 978-1-940503-04-2

Fiction | $24.99 | 360 pp. | Hardcover | Recommended for anyone 14 and over

Anne Helene Bubenzer

Anne Helene Bubenzer

Anne Helene Bubenzer is a Hamburg-based writer, editor, and translator. The Incredible Story of Henry N. Brown is her first novel.

Praise for the German-language edition:

“An endearing book…must-read” —North German Broadcasting

“A biography that could not be more beautifully written.” Aachener Zeitung

“It’s impossible not to love this book.” —Salzburger Woche

“A magical bear story.” —Vienna Journal

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