by Edgardo David Holzman

Classroom materials prepared by Holly Fernandez

ISBN: 978-09842252-7-9
Fiction | 368 pp. | $14.95 | Paperback

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  • Multimedia Introduction

    An interactive introduction to the novel and key themes from the Argentine military dictatorship of 1976-1983 employing text, photos and video.

  • Argentina in Pictures

    Downloadable PowerPoint presentation. Coming soon.

  • About Malena

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About Holly Fernandez

Holly Fernandez has taught Spanish at the secondary level and English to U.S. immigrants as well as business professionals in Buenos Aires. She has also worked in translation for Watching America, a site that brings foreign press to U.S. monolinguals. She is now working toward her second Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics with a focus on Second Language Acquisition at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her current research focuses on native language interference of second language acquisition and the non-target like structures that are produced during this process, with the hope that a better understanding of this process will lead to more effective pedagogical approaches.

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