Suggested for the Classroom

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The Terrorism Lectures, 2nd Edition
A Comprehensive Collection for Students of Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and National Security

Dr. James J. F. Forest

ISBN: 978-1-940503-06-6
$39.99 | 408 pp

Suggested courses:

  • Terrorism/Counterterrorism
  • Homeland Security
  • International Politics
  • Law Enforcement
  • Global/International Studies

Ancillary materials:

  • PowerPoints
  • Discussion questions at end of every chapter
  • Online glossary

Malena: A Novel

Edgardo David Holzman

ISBN: 978-0-9842252-7-9
$14.95 | 354pp

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Suggested courses:

  • Human Rights
  • History (Latin America; Argentina; South America)
  • Comparative Politics
  • Nationalism
  • Global/International Studies

Ancillary Materials:

  • Discussion questions
  • Multi-media introduction to the history and novel
  • Literary analysis by Holly Fernandez

Derek’s Gift

A True Story of Love, Courage and Lessons Learned

Michael J. Tougias and Buck Harris.

Featuring Derek Sheckman’s Journal

ISBN: 978-1-940503-08-0
$21.99 | 152 pp | Hardcover

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Suggested courses:

  • English (K-12)
  • Health (K-12)

Ancillary Materials:

  • Teacher’s guide

Night Letter: A Novel

Meghan Nuttall Sayres

ISBN:  978-0-9848359-0-4
$18.99 | 312 pp

Hardcover with map, glossary and discussion guide

Recommended for anyone over 12

Original cover art by Rashin Kheiriyeh

Suggested courses:

  • History (K-12)
  • Social Studies (K-12)
  • History (Iran, Middle East)

Ancillary Materials:

  • Glossary
  • Teacher discussion guide
  • Reader discussion questions
  • Stylized map and images
  • Age-appropriate (middle grade/young adult) resources for combating human trafficking today

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