Nortia Press (nor-TEE-ah) is a boutique publisher based in Orange County, California. We focus on literary fiction and nonfiction with a global affairs bent. Our catalog is handpicked and nurtured from inception to provide readers, booksellers and libraries with a select list of timely and engaging titles.

What Inspired Us

We built Nortia Press because we believe that small publishers are the future of this industry. Small is better because it means being nimble and responsive. Most of all, being small allows us to forge close creative partnerships with our authors in the spirit of the writer-editor relationships that were once the norm.

Our Catalog

The criteria we use to select our books is straightforward. For fiction, we adopt titles of high literary merit that open our eyes to some part of the world, time in history, or profound social issue. For nonfiction, we embrace those books whose unique analytical vantage point help us rethink some issue of global consequence.

We hope you enjoy our selection.


Nathan Gonzalez, Publisher and Executive Editor

Nathan Gonzalez is the founding publisher and executive editor of Nortia Press. A writer of two nonfiction books on Middle Eastern politics, Nathan built Nortia as a platform for authors to creatively engage readers who are passionate about global issues.

In addition to his work with Nortia, Nathan is a fellow with the Truman National Security Project, a part-time lecturer of Middle Eastern politics and international studies at California State University, Long Beach, and once in a blue moon an amateur composer of chamber and orchestral music. He holds a master of international affairs from Columbia University and speaks Spanish, Iranian Persian, German and Italian.

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