Love and Pomegranates

“A true feast of the senses.”

Reza Aslan, bestselling author of No god but God and Zealot


“[A] gripping testament [that] may shake readers to their core.”

Library Journal


A Journey to the Dark Heart...

“Who knew war in Uganda could be hilarious as well as moving.”

Nicholas Kristof, columnist for the New York Times

Anahita’s Woven Riddle

“A richly textured, carefully written novel.”



Rebel Streets

“Like the sectarian war itself, [it] is by turns poignant, brutal and inevitably tragic.”

Gerry Boyle, author of Port City Black and White

Found Objects

“A wise, rueful tale for our times, unerringly told, by a masterful writer.”

Toni Cohan, author of Canary and On Mexican Time